Regional Prosperity 

Home to more than 1.4 million people and generating $105 billion in GDP, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is Canada's fifth largest economy and the fastest growing region. Edmonton is officially bounded by 13 municipalities in four counties. Edmonton wants to grow prosperity for the whole Metro Region by driving innovation, competitiveness and relevance for our businesses at the local and global levels. Our collaborative approach sets the stage for economic investment, where regional businesses and entrepreneurs will thrive and Edmontonians will enjoy the prosperity achieved as the region becomes a dominant hub.
We work with the provincial government and our regional municipal partners to position Edmonton as an economic powerhouse and profile its many economic advantages. We are a region where great homegrown ideas, talents and businesses gain the attention of markets and investors around the world. This collective effort can build the region’s assets and advance its well-being and connections to the world.
Regional Prosperity looks at 4 priority areas:
• Business innovation
• Competitiveness
• Prosperity
• Relevance


Indicators reflect the extent to which the City’s priorities are being achieved and speak to the direction the City wants to go in.  A trend is the general direction of the indicator and shows either a progression or regression. The indicator’s trend status reflects results for the most recent data point compared to previous results. For some indicators, a time-lag exists and the latest available data is presented.  
Click on a specific indicator to learn more about it and see trends and recent results.
 - positive change in result compared to previous result
Orange - minimal change (either positive or negative) or no change compared to previous result
Red - negative change in result compared to previous result

Indicator Category: Business Innovation

Indicator Category: Competitiveness

Indicator Category: Prosperity

Indicator Category: Relevance