Healthy City

When more people are safe, healthy and able to maintain a good standard of living, everyone in Edmonton benefits. The health and wellness of our fellow Edmontonians are core to our collective quality of life. We are facing many complex, multifaceted issues that can tear at the fabric that connects us. Through these challenges, we must remember that Edmontonians are compassionate people who want to look after each other.
A healthy city encompasses both Edmontonians' well-being and the wellness of our communities. It means that all people have the means to access and maintain a good standard of living.
Healthy City looks at four priority areas:
• Community Wellness
• Equity
• Neighbourly
• Personal Wellness
These four priority areas give the City an indication of how close we are to meeting this ConnectEdmonton goal. When looking at the trends below, it’s important to know that community-level indicators like this are the shared responsibility of partners and stakeholders, all levels of government and Edmontonians. The City reports results on these indicators that community stakeholders have collectively selected to monitor progress. Further information about the City's own contributions will appear in the City Plan section of this site.


Indicators reflect the extent to which the City’s priorities are being achieved and speak to the direction the City wants to go in.  A trend is the general direction of the indicator and shows either a progression or regression. The indicator’s trend status reflects results for the most recent data point compared to previous results. For some indicators, a time-lag exists and the latest available data is presented. 
Click on a specific indicator to learn more about it and see trends and recent results.
 - positive change in result compared to previous result
Orange - minimal change (either positive or negative) or no change compared to previous result
Red - negative change in result compared to previous result

Indicator category: Community wellness

Indicator category: Equity

Indicator category: Neighbourly

Indicator category: Personal Wellness